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Individual Courses

Advanced Placement

Take College Board®-Approved AP® online courses with experienced teachers.

Apex Learning Virtual School comprehensive online Advanced Placement® courses are supported by AP teachers with an average of 14 years of experience. For high school students, this means rigorous preparation for the AP exam.

Highly interactive instruction, including simulations and ongoing assessments, mean students stay engaged.

Comprehensive virtual AP courses

When AP exam day arrives, Apex Learning VS students are prepared to succeed. As students progress through the Apex Learning VS courses, they acquire the critical thinking, problem solving, and scientific reasoning skills needed to pass the Advanced Placement exam and prepare for college-level work.

Experienced AP teachers key to student success

Our AP teachers have an average of 14 years of AP teaching experience, 9 of them online. They know what is expected on the AP exam and how to ensure students are fully prepared. Our dedicated teachers continually follow each student’s progress, optimizing learning success through individual guidance and challenge.

Highly interactive instruction, including simulations and ongoing assessments

Students learn best when they are engaged. That’s why our online AP courses integrate varied interactions and presentations of content. Students read, watch, listen, inquire, write, discuss, and manipulate. Interactive assessments let them check their comprehension in real time so they can decide to do more review, ask for support from the teacher, or move forward more quickly.

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